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We jointly founded Quantum Data Engines in 2011 and we were generously supported in our journey by Harini R. Prior to starting QDE, we worked together on the forefront of financial crime management software in the wake of post 9/11 global crack down on financing of terrorism and money laundering. Our interactions with financial institutions around the world made us aware of what was required from regulation and what was lacking in first generation of transaction monitoring systems. We later joined hands to design and build Compass AML as a single window transaction monitoring system to manage and mitigate risks arising out of financial crime.

In 2014, as a small team of 5 people, we delivered the first version of Compass AML to a leading bank in India as a seamless migration from their legacy AML system. In delivering a highly scalable transaction monitoring system with legacy migration of large customer and transaction data sets, we also built a super-fast data extraction, processing and loading tool. The feedback was immediate, and the results were promising and encouraging for us to invest further into the product. The data processing engine has become the foundation of all our products and our products have grown to meet the evolving shifts in technology and domain.

Over the last ten years, QDE has expanded tremendously as a team, our products have been accepted by a variety of financial institutions around the world. In 2020 alone, our products will process over twenty billion transactions at client installations on three continents. We also run the fastest data input, anomaly processing and alert delivery engine in the markets we operate in and our products are a symbol of stability, scalability, performance and trust.

Our products help build confidence, whether directly through our work or indirectly through what our products allow our clients and users to achieve. The entire QDE team has been awed by the dedication of our customers to their compliance goals and we are thrilled to be welcomed into their lives and be a part of their daily work routine. We work every day to enable our customers move the needle forward in compliance, in mitigating risk, in decision making and in competing better. Our continued goal is to provide an experience of completion to all the stakeholders in the financial crime investigation and management process and use the data for better decision making across the institution.

QDE is not a large company that dabbles in too many products. We are, instead, a product company dedicated to only building a specialized and niche set of products. We have fully bootstrapped all our products, putting our customers at the forefront of our design process. No venture capital. No board of directors. No investors. As a team, QDE is small, nimble and quick to respond. We are obsessed about product development and spend extensive time in researching, developing and testing products. A small company making a big difference to the industry.

As a small company, we care about our people, our clients and our planet. We are building a modern company with an inclusive culture reflecting an organization of the future. We are committed to deliver beyond what we have promised to our clients. We founded Ripples to connect to nonprofits with creative ideas for social responsibility and engagement. For a company our size, we substantially contribute to our Ripples initiative.

Being Bootstrapped, we are frugal, and we are proud to work with leading financial institutions, solving pressing global problems while leading a talented and dedicated team. We are also intensely passionate about bootstrapped entrepreneurship, software product development and developing people.

We build algorithms of trust and we are here for the long haul.

Govind and Satya.


Harini R

Harini has over twenty years experience in software products, data analytics, data mining, name screening technologies and entity resolution analytics engineering. She specialises in software product architecture design, data extraction methodologies, mining analytics, entity triangulation and entity resolution systems and an expert in linguistic matching and data de-duplication engines.

Apart from being a founder at Quantum Data Engines, Harini continues to engage as Director of Engineering at InsideView Technologies managing large engineering teams – building enterprise scale and cloud-based products. Harini holds a B. Tech and a masters’ degree in science from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) – Pilani, India.


Kumar Govind

With over sixteen years of delivering financial crime management software products, Govind has worked with a wide variety of source data systems, developed highly scalable ETL systems and delivered many financial crime management solutions to leading banking and financial institutions in India and around the world. As solution architect of QDE products, he is constantly building upon and improving

performance and scalability across product lines while working with a team to build the next generation of financial crime management tools. Govind holds a B.Tech degree in Computer Engineering from the Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-K), India. Govind has engaged with academia and has addressed students on building software products for enterprise scale.


Satya Prakash

Satya has over two decades experience working with software product organizations. His experience includes global sales and customer success in AML, Financial Crime Management, Transaction Monitoring, Surveillance and Risk Management. Prior to starting Quantum Data Engines, Satya has worked with enterprise software product companies in various capacities and has led engagements across

India, Asia, APAC, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Russia, China and America. He is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIM-K), India. Satya is passionate about bootstrapped entrepreneurship and has engaged with the startup community, spoken at cohort events and has been a mentor for startup academia.