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Conquer Transaction Monitoring

Conquer Transaction Monitoring leverages data to view trends and understand products, businesses, customers better. It empowers decision-makers to explore strategic opportunities across all business lines and also identify vulnerable areas of financial crime. Creates personalized experiences for stakeholders. Persieve simplifies information intensive processes with cognitive automation.


  • Data Backed reports
  • Analytical reports with actionable insights
  • Consolidated view of data
  • Inbuilt and Customizable Data Visualization tools (Graphical representations).
  • Geo tagging.
  • Identification of Behavioral patterns
  • Report wizard. (Making your own rules).
  • Intuitive Data Presentation
  • Single screen view insight to product
  • Robotic process automation
Conquer Delinquency Management System

Conquer Delinquency Management System is an easy, customizable, web-based, workflow driven solution that allows financial institutions to manage debt collections and recovery for delinquent accounts. System enables institutions to define strategies for debt classification, allocation, collection and recovery.


  • Customizable debt classifications
  • Product specific workflows
  • Multiple channel integration for collections – Phone/ SMS / Email
  • Content Management System – Dunning process
  • Vendor management for recovery
Conquer Enterprise Audit Surveillance

The third line of defense provides evaluation of an organization’s health by conducting audits to ensure that appropriate transactional controls and processes are in place and are operating effectively. Conquer Enterprise Audit Surveillance from Quantum Data Engines is a centralized transaction surveillance system that helps improve operational efficiency in the assessment and reporting of the effectiveness of the internal controls to the Management as also to the Regulators.


  • Data collection from multiple systems
  • Consolidated view of Data
  • In-built and customizable control parameter
  • Rule wizard for query building
  • Easily configurable Audit report
  • Easy report generation and publishing
  • Comprehensive workflow
  • Email notification to Auditees for published reports
  • Maker-checker functionality for report closure
  • Extensive tracking and TAT management system
  • Exhaustive Risk rating module for branches
  • Intuitive and easily configurable Dashboard
  • Multiple Analytical tools like Link Tracer, 360 Customer view
Conquer Early Warning System

Over the last few years NPAs in the lending sector have shown a sharp rise, thus paving way to the Red Flagging systems. No financial system, big or small is immune. Conquer Early Warning System enables organizations flag their vulnerabilities and build internal controls to circumvent improprieties. It also aids in identifying the institution’s exposure in excess of the provisions as per regulatory guidance.


  • Customer credit risk profiling
  • Integrated public sentiment analysis
  • Regulatory Sanctions Screening
  • Early Warning identification and classification
  • Investigative workflow
  • Internal / Third party audit controls
  • Reporting – Monitoring entities and consortiums
Conquer Fraud Management Suite

With the changing financial landscape, FIs and their customers are more vulnerable to fraud than ever. Conquer Fraud Management Suite from Quantum Data Engines is equipped with predictive analysis to detect potential fraud, thereby safeguarding against being victims of financial frauds.


  • Pattern and Behavior Monitoring
  • AI driven pattern detection
  • Product and Channel wise risk Monitoring
  • Role specific Dashboards
  • Interactive Data Visualization
  • Rule simulation
  • Rules Wizard (Customized Rules Builder)
  • Link Tracer
  • 360 customer view
  • User wise Summary
  • Real time monitoring and workflows
  • Near real time and Post transactions monitoring
  • Comprehensive risk assessment
  • Single window workflow with detailed case management workflow
  • Automatic/manual alerts
  • Geotagging
  • Customizable watchlist and Fraud list screening
  • Robotic Process automations for fraud reporting
  • Social media/ Adverse media Integration
  • Integrated FIU and LEA communication
  • Multiple MIS reports
  • Image screening