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David Moore

SME, Financial Crime, Transaction Monitoring

David Moore is a banking professional with over 32 years’ experience. He has held various roles and has been responsible for the day to day management of the Financial Crime Unit and held the MLRO position at Newcastle Building Society.

At Newcastle Building Society, David was responsible for the management of the Financial Crime side of the Third-Party Savings Client business and for high value / high profile investigations. Over the years, David Moore has worked with a variety of regulators and has experience in complying for a wide range of products for AML, Financial Crime, CFT, Risk and Compliance. David is the Advisor on Board for QDE, bringing in the experience of AML compliance from an MLRO perspective, deep insights into compliance procedures and bank’s challenges thereof along with compliance and domain information for Europe.


Grahame White

Advisor – Counter Financing of Terrorism

As former detective at the National Terrorist Financial Investigations Unit (NTFIU) at New Scotland Yard, Grahame was financial investigator for Operation Crevice (The fertilizer plot), 7/7 suicide attacks (London Transport Network) and Operation Overt (the Airliner Plot).

With 30 years of Police Investigations experience and as former Detective at the (NTFIU) at New Scotland Yard and now Head of Analysis International, Grahame has been at the forefront of CTF Indicators training and the concept of CTF Key Indicator delivery into Financial Institutions in Europe. Grahame also served as Head of European Operations for ACAMS between 2013 and 2014. Grahame holds a Master’s degree in Fraud Management. Grahame, along with Analysis International, advises QDE on CFT typologies, market knowledge and jointly works on exploring customer opportunities.


Prem Thampi

Strategic Advisor – Banking

Prem Thampi is a banking professional with over 30 years’ experience working with the largest bank in India, State Bank in India and the leading private sector bank in India, ICICI Bank.

His experience includes over six years’ international exposure in multiple countries and establishing and managing banking operations. He has worked closely with banking regulators and possesses deep insight in corporate banking. Prem’s exposure in banking is vast and includes setting up retail banking business in assets, liabilities, remittances, cash management, supply chain finance, credit management, banking operations, compliance and government liaison. For QDE, Prem brings a view of the bank’s senior management perspective. He has helped formulate product vision and understand compliance procedures apart from sharing guidance on markets, policy and penetration techniques.


Mani Manthena

Subject Matter Expert – Anti Money Laundering

Mani Manthena has wide exposure to AML domain and technologies with over 25 years’ experience working for leading global AML players like Actimize, Fortent and Searchspace.

Mani has deployed AML solutions at leading global financial institutions like Bank of Tokyo, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, La Poste Paris etc. Mani has also served AML system integrators like IBM and TCS and has direct exposure to the banking domain whilst employed with leading banks including the Standard Chartered Bank where she was involved in AML adoption and maturity of use. At QDE, Mani brings perspective in banking and compliance, growing user expectations and continued maturity of product features.